Northwest Dance & Music Venues

The Armory
Aberdeen, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked The Armory in Aberdeen during those great years of NW music were:

The Beachcombers
Glen Campbell
Paul Revere & The Raiders
The Wailers

"The Aberdeen Armory today is being used as a senior center.   The Armory was the scene of many dances in the '60s.  Bands that played there included The Wailers, Viceroys, Beachcombers, Sonics, Dynamics, Paul Revere, Kingsmen, Glen Campbell, and Capris."

Stan Foreman, 2002

I remember seeing Glen Campbell at the armory.  I believe his big hit at the time was "Universal Soldier."  The armory was so big that it did not have the intimate feeling of the Vasa in Hoquiam, or the Silver Seagull in Ocosta.

Gary Gozart, May 2010

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Last Update:  25 May 2010
Credits: Stan Foreman, Bobby Summers, Gary Gozart