Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Centralia Armory
Centralia, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked The Centralia Armoy during those great years of NW music were:

Clayton Watson & The Silhouettes
The Chordeans
Little Bill & The Blue Notes
The Pied Pipers

Others ?

The Fleetwoods never played here either but I was Born here and knew a lot of the kids who attended the dances at The Armory.

After The Fleetwoods gained their initial hit with Come Softly, Jenifer my wife, and I drove down to Centralia from Olympia one evening and sort of hung out in a parking place by the road.  We talked to a few kids I had gone to Edison Grade School with when I was seven or eight years old.  After a while it started getting cold since we had driven our new 1960 Corvette without the hard top so we took of for home.

This would have been about April of 1960.

Gary Troxel, The Fleetwoods, July 2010

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Last Update:  2 July 2010
Credits: Steve, John Gordon, Carroll Hill, Gary Troxel