Vancouver, British Columbia
1980 - 1984


Jim Buckshon ~ Bass
Ross Damude ~ Guitar
Gary Ellison ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Fedyk ~ Drums
Marc Gladstone ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Rod Knowlan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Robinson ~ Bass
Garfield Sherrington ~ Guitar
David Steele ~ Vocals

The band was named in 1980 by Jim Buckshon, who had joined a temporary project called Nighshift after he left the band, The Wires, in 1979.  Realizing the potential, the female singer at the time was replaced by Gary Ellison

The name was changed to Army, and the Feldman Agency was brought on to book the band.

Jim Buckshon hired Jim Robinson to replace him after the band was booked for too long in small towns.  Buckshon went on to join The Kidz.  Later, David Steele and Rod Knowlon replaced Ellison and Sherrington.

Jim Buckshon, November 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Handley Page, Broken Hearts, Holy Smoke, Doug & The Slugs, Tarcus, Stiletto, The Kidz and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  24 November 2010
Credits: Rod Knowlan, Jim Buckshorn
Band # 2573