Arrival - Photo by Rex Weyler
Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 -1979


Bill Ayers ~ Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Lorne Fiedler ~ Keyboards
Greg Kelly ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Pruden ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Donn Tarris ~ Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
John Wade ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Donn formed Arrival following the recording of his independent album "Party" in the summer of 1977. At that time he was the bass player, co-producer and engineer for the band Airborne. That band went in to Ocean Sound Studio in North Vancouver in the summer of 1977 to record their debut album "Songs for a City". Donn was chief engineer from 1977 to 1978.

When the Airborne sessions would finish each day, Donn would call up a group of musician friends (who later became the core of Arrival) and continue recording into the night. The result was the "Party" album released at the end of August 1977. The band formed to promote the album and played a variety of gigs at venues such as Capilano College, Rohan's Rockpile, and had a glimmer of fame opening for Tom Petty at a Commodore Cheap Thrills concert.

The band featured Donn on bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals, Lorne Fiedler (also formerly of Airborne) on keyboards, Greg Kelly on guitar and vocals, Jim Pruden on guitar, bass, and vocals, Bill Ayers on Drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals, and John Wade on keyboards and vocals.

The group disbanded sometime in 1978 or 1979 when Donn opened Buttertree Sound Recording Studio in Richmond, BC.

Donn, Lorne, and Greg went on to form "The Wet!" in 1979.

Donn continues to play his original compositions to mostly folk audiences, having re-entered the field of music in the mid 1990s, following his engineering an album for Dyhan Roberts, another northwest artist. In 1998 he released an 18 song album entitled "Two Rivers - demo sessions", followed by two repackagings of the included songs. Currently available are "Twilight" and "When Night Has Fallen". You can now find him on Salt Spring Island, on the board of the Salt Spring Folk Club (

Donn Tarris, May 2003

I am John Wade, keyboardist from the 70's band "ARRIVAL".   I am sending you scans from both the front and back cover from our only 45rpm single "Lonely Man" b/w "Song for Lorraine" released in Oct. 1978.  It received limited local airplay.

John Wade, October 2008

Front and back covers of Arrival 45 "Lonely Man" - "Song for Lorraine"
Images courtesy of John Wade

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Credits:  Donn Tarris, John Wade, Rex Weyler (Photo)
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