Eugene, Oregon
1975 - 1977


1975 - 1976

Brian "Conway Slack" "Ercek ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Tom Grote ~ Drums, Vocals
Don Ross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Schneider ~  Bass, Vocals
Tommy Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals

1976 - 1977

Doug Ness ~ Drums
Don Ross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Schneider ~  Bass, Vocals
Mark Simpson ~ Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals

Arroyo was founded by Don Ross after leaving the band Wheatfield.  Don met Conway Slack at a music store where he worked and they started jamming together.  He enlisted a frequent Wheatfield jammer Tommy Smith.  Mark Schneider was recruited from Notary Sojac where he was their audio and logistic support guy.  There was a brief interlude with a drummer on the run from the law in the mid-west.  Tom Grote responded to a want ad and won the audition.

Conway Slack was replaced by Mark Simpson from Country Al and his Pal's, from Portland.  Tom Grote was replaced by Doug Ness from Notary Sojac, from Portland and Eugene.

Arroyo had steady regular gigs at Murphy and Me in Eugene, the Reed Opera House and the Oregon Museum tavern in Salem, and Sacks Front Avenue and the Last Hurrah in Portland.

Arroyo also played the WOW hall in Eugene, the Earth Tavern and Euphoria in Portland and several festivals on the University of Oregon campus and around Eugene; opening for the likes of Pablo Cruise, the Son's of Champlin and sharing bills with Turkey Run and other popular Eugene bands.

Mark Schneider, May 2011

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