The Aryans
Steilacoom, Washington
1964 - 1965


Don Ellison ~ Saxophone
Lance Frederick ~ Drums
Harold "Butch" Henderson ~ Vocals
Scott Lindström ~ Organ
Dan Parish ~ Guitar
Al Pedersen ~ Guitar
Art Pedersen ~ Guitar
Steve Thayer ~ Vocals
Ron White ~ Piano

In Memory of

Ron White   d: 12 April 2016

The ARYANS:  The name wasn't too "PC" by today's standards...we were clueless, but had fun!

Ron White, Central Coast, CA, October 2006

The members of the Aryans were from Lakes High School, Lakewood, Washington ...  mid to late 60's

Teens dancing to The Aryans at Homecoming, Lakes H.S., Lakewood, WA - 1965

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Last Update:   16 April 2016
Credits: Tim Marsh, Scott Lindström, Chris Campbell, Ron White, Kent Miller
Band # 108