(Became the Wildwood Flower)
Tumwater, Washington
1966 - 1967


Bob Hall ~ Drums*
Randy Johnson ~ Organ*
Rick LaFontaine ~ Bass*
Steve LaFontaine ~ Guitar*
Cal Shields ~ Guitar*
Lyall Smith ~ Drums
Barry Torrence ~ Organ
Mike Torrence ~ Drums

The Ascots had two drummers when Lyall was aboard

*  Early Members

In Memory of

Bob Hall

THE ASCOTS original lineup was comprised of all Tumwater High School students. The band was originally from Tumwater, Wa. They did record some songs with Ray Harris their manager. Ray booked THE ASCOTS and was also president of the Olympia Musician's Union. One time he had THE TRAIN in his office and told us he could get us more gigs if we only sounded more like THE ASCOTS. Then he played their recording for us.

Darryl F. Riffero / Olympia, Wa., January 2004

Wild Wood Flower - an Olympia band from 1968, evolved from the Ascots.   We had cool unifroms.

Barry Torrence, January 2007

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Last Update:  18 July 2008
Credits: Darryl Riffero, Barry Torrence, Kevan Evans
Band # 1580