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Image courtesy of Rod Gronka
Eagertones at Astor Park
Astor Park
AKA:  The Trojan Horse
5th & Lenora
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands and acts that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

The Allies
B.B. King
Billy Rancher & The Unreal Gods
Charlie Musselwhite

The Cowboys
The Cramps
Dan Reed Network

Echo and the Bunnymen
Factory Girls

The Heats/Heaters
Men Without Hats

Ray Charles
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Replacements
The Romantics
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Others ?

Eagertones at Astor Park

Live KING-TV at Astor Park

Originally known as the Trojan Horse, this venue opened in 1967 and closed after a fire in 1975.  It was eventually reopened and renamed Astor Park and closed forever in 1987.

Astor Park:  The drinks were overpriced and the bathrooms were always flooded, but Astor Park was the big rock club in the city in the early 1980s and host to many national and international touring bands. It was eventually demolished.

Peak Astor Park memory:  Seeing a very young U2 in 1980.  After playing all the songs from their first album, the band was out of material and had to repeat "I Will Follow" as their encore.

(from:  "20 Clubs that came and went", Leah Greenblatt and James Bush, Seattle Weekly News Wednesday, May 2,  2001)

I remember seeing X play with The Cowboys at Astor Park in November 1981.   The gig may have been on November 21, 1981.   There was a third band besides X and The Cowboys, but don't remember if it was The Subhumans or someone else.

Rod Zerr, February 2014

I was the drummer in the Dick Fisher Variety Show, working at the Trojan Horse when it was ruined by an arson fire in the spring of 1975.

We had scheduled a rehearsal for a Saturday morning to go over new material for that night's show.  I was driving in from my home in Bothell when I heard about the fire on the radio.

I took a bunch of photos when I got there – the place was a wreck, soot and smoke everywhere.  I ran to the stage to check out my prized Rogers kit – this one is the most memorable.

Fred Taylor, April 2014

I saw B.B. King perform at the Trojan Horse in the mid-1970s.  I’ve seen him since at larger venues, but the Trojan Horse was fairly small and although we were seated on the side toward the back, it was like watching a concert in your own living room.

I remember the place being smoky, had rotten service, and the staff had some real street attitude, but they really brought in some great acts.

I wasn’t legal drinking age yet and they kindly acted like they really believed I forgot my ID (rolled their eyes) and let me in anyway.  I will always have fond memories of the place.

Linda Olson, July 2014

My name is Marty Everet and I was the last drummer in the Boibs.  We played at Astor Park all the time. 

I remembeer sharing the bill with Metro (Roger Fisher and Mike Derosier), Dan Reed Network, The Rangehoods and, as you show, the Eagertones, with my former bandmate, Kevin Case, with whom I played in a cover band called Prodigy.

Marty Everet, April 2017      

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