Atlantic Steamer - Photo Courtesy of Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson, Andy Sarff, Bill Kowalski
Jim Shaw, Dan Turnbull

Atlantic Steamer
Tacoma, Washington
1968 - 1969


Frank Ferguson ~ Guitar
Bill Kowalski ~ Drums
Andy Sarff ~ Bass
Jim Shaw ~ Keyboards
Dan Turnbull ~ Vocals
Joe Wilson ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Frank Ferguson
Bill Kowalski

Atlantic Steamer was a band out of Stadium High that was popular during 68-69 that played alot of the teen dances around Tacoma.  They Rocked.

I thought they were the best thing since LSD!"

Thomas A. Murphy, May 2004

Frank Ferguson was added just before the band broke up after playing with Iron Butterfly at the Tacoma Sports arena and members left for college.  Dumb decision.

Joe Wilson, December 2005

Frank was my second Cousin and he died on his motorcycle years ago.  I loved him very much and considered him a very gifted musician!  Frank lived for his guitar playing.

Lynda Imburgia, August 2008

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Credits:  Tom Murphy, Dan Turnbull, Maggie Walters, Randy Solvang, Joe Wilson, Lynda "Spiritdove" Imburgia
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