Atlantis Promo photo courtesy of Dick Schalk
Clockwise from Upper Left Dick Schalk, Tom Sundin, Randy Calcagno, Ronny Kiefel, Rex Plew
Portland, Oregon
1971 - 1973


Peggy Adams ~ Keyboards
Randy Calcagno ~ Vocals
Ron Kiefel ~ Organ
Rick King ~ Guitar
Rex Plew ~ Drums
Arthur Salazar ~ Guitar
Everett Simila ~ Guitar
Dick Schalk ~ Guitar
Tom Sundin ~ Bass
Dick Yandell ~ Drums

Larry Linnum ~ Manager

In Memory of

Ron Kiefel
d:  5 November 2010

Rex Plew

Atlantis - Photo Courtesy of Dick Yandell

Randy Calcagno, Ron Keifel, Tom Sundin
Rex Plew, Dick Schalk

Atlantis - Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman
Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman
Arthur Salazar  - top left     Dick Yandell -  top right
Randy Calgagno - bottom left    Rick King - bottom right

I know of at least two bands named Atlantis in the NW.  Do you know the Atlantis pictured above?  If you have more information about this group. please send it to

Sam Carlson, Webmaster, August 2002

It was reported today that the Atlantis pictured above was formed from the remnants of The Sirs after their breakup.
27 November 2002

Arthur Salazar along with Randy Calcagno and I were from The Sirs.  Everett Simila and Peggy Adams were also part of The Sirs to Atlantis transformation at one time or another.  When the band broke up, Randy started the second version of Atlantis.

Dick Yandell, June 2003


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Last Update: 18 November 2010
Credits:  Sandy Weedman, Brad Hollis, Bob Stull, Dick Schalk, Dick Yandell, Dan Taylor, Greg Clayton
Band # 945