Keith and Denny
Aurora Fly Boys
AKA:  Denny Regrade
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1977


Dain Butcher ~ Guitar
Doug Isbell ~ Drums
Ken McGill ~ Guitar
Keith Nordquist ~ Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
Denny Nyhagan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ray Sage ~ Drums
Rich Sysinger ~ Guitar
Darral Ulsky ~ Drums

Dain, Keith, Denny, Ray

Keith, Denny and Ray

The Aurora Fly Boys (aka: Denny Regrade) 1974-1977 performed around the Puget Sound and Canada playing a wide range of covers and many original songs.  Members included: Denny Nyhagan,Keith Nordquist, Darral Ulsky, Doug Isbell, Ray Sage, Dain Butcher, Ken McGill, and Rich Sysinger.

Keith Nordquist, November 2002

Ken, Doug and Keith -  2000

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Last Update: 28 November 2002
Credits:  Keith Nordquist
Band # 1081