Portland, Oregon
1977 - 1978


Original Memebers

Marc Johnson ~ Drums, Vocals
Chris Leonhard ~ Bass, Vocals
Randy Lewis  ~ Synthesizers, Vocals
Kevin Mullay ~ Guitar, Vocals

Later Members

Ted Doty ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dan Schmidt ~ Guitar

The band "Avatar" was formed in early 1977.  Our debut performance was at the East Side Commercial building in April of that year. The band played primarily the school circuit up & down I-5, as well as the Division Street Corral (opening for High Voltage) and a few minor clubs in Portland. The set list consisted of covers of Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, UFO, Sabbath, Zeppelin, etc., plus about a dozen originals penned mainly by our guitarists.

Late in 1977, Kevin Mullay left and was replaced by Ted Doty (also formerly of Ripper) on guitar & vocal. In mid-1978, Dan Schmidt (also formerly of Ripper) joined as second guitarist, though the band broke up before we ever gigged with Dan in the lineup.

Prior to this, I was a roadie for Portland's High Voltage, running lights.

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