Image courtesy of Jim Brammer
Baby Gunn in 1981
Baby Gunn
Tacoma, Washington
1977 - 1990


Steve Bowker ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Jim Brammer ~ Guitar, Vocals
"Dart" ~ Bass, Vocals
Bret Douglas ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Duvall ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Garris ~ Bass,  Vocals
John Harrigon ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Stuart Henderson ~ Bass, Vocals
Jeff Mills ~ Drums
Marty Randles ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Ritcholt ~ Guitar
Jeff Wade ~ Drums
Clint Wood ~ Drums, Vocals
Joseph Lee Wood ~ Keyboards

Baby Gunn on YouTube
"Jade Sauna" live at the Lynwood Raintree - 1982

In Memory of

Clint James Wood
November 1966 - April 2011

Clint was a founding member of Baby Gunn. He was the drummer, and for most of the bands history he was the lead singer. He also ran the stage lights while playing and singing in the early years.  I played in the band with Clint from about 1986 until 1990 when the band split up and formed Nitecrew. I attended Clint's wedding, and he attended both my wedding and my wife's funeral 10 years later.  That was the last time I saw Clint.  He will be missed.

Steve Garris, 2011

Baby Gunn - About 1979 - Courtesy of Billy Barner
Apparently, this site has become kind of a pilgrimage for a lot of people. I have been goaded into contacting you, by a number of those people, to let you know about a band that was popular in the late '70s/early '80s, called "Baby Gunn." I was in the band from '81 to '84, during which time were one of the top-paid bands in most clubs around Washington and Oregon.

True, we played a lot of Top 40, but we consistently played a number of originals, including the infamous "Jate Sauna".

In 1984 I moved to the SF Bay Area for what I felt was a more fertile music scene, but the band continued.

In Baby Gunn I played guitar and keyboards, and I shared lead vocals. Since those days, I have been in the SF Bay Area, performing with various bands opening for major acts; recording with members of Journey, Whitesnake and others; and in the meantime singing lead for the prog-rock band, "Cairo," which sold several albums internationally. Today, I am doing studio sessions for a variety of projects, writing, recording, and giving a few lessons here and there.

Thanks for keeping your site up and providing a base for people to get in touch with music and musicians they've enjoyed over the years!

Bret Douglas, January 2004

I'm Jim Brammer, guitarist of Baby Gunn from 1980-1990.

Baby Gunn had a song on the 1982 KZOK best of the Northwest album called "In your Arms".  They also released a single called "Jade Sauna" which became very popular locally.

Baby Gunn disbanded in 1990, and Jim Brammer and Jeff Wade went on to form "NITECREW", which 15 years later is going as strong as ever.

Jim Brammer, November 2004

Baby Gunn in about 1988 - Steve Garris
Steve Garris, Jim Brammer, Clint Wood, Jeff Mills
Baby Gunn - about 1988

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Credits:  Bret Douglas, Jim Brammer, BIlly Barner, Steve Garris
Band # 1496