Little Daddy and The Bachelors
Vancouver, British Columbia
About 1963 ~ 1965


Tommy Chong ~ Guitar
Wes Henderson ~ Bass
Ted Lewis (aka Duris Maxwell) ~ Drums
Don Mallory ~ Drums
Tommy "Little Daddy" Melton ~ Vocals
Bernie Sneed ~ Keyboards
Floyd Sneed ~ Drums

I used to risk my life and jail to sneak in, under age, to hear Bernie Sneed play the Hammond B3 in this band.  Tommy Chong was a dangerous dude in these days and one hell of a guitar player.  Little Daddy and Harry Walker and the Hi Fives were seminal R&B groups playing the real deal, underground, in clubs that your momma would not you going to: Smilin’ Buddha, New Delhi, etc., strippers with pasties, drag queens, heroin addicts.  Wes used to chew gum in six eight and play in four four.  He had black plastic coated bass strings (probably Rotosound from England) 10 years before the rest of us.

Bob Brown keyboards for the Centaurs and Little Stormy and the Mystics, June 2007

"Come On Home"

Junior's Jerk 1964

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Last Update:  26 June 2011
Credits:  Ed Nadorozny, Miriam Linna, Duris Maxwell, Chris Wolfe

Band # 114