Top:  Bill, Dick, & Charlie
Bottom:  Rich & Paul
Seattle, Washington
1973 ~ 1977


Bill Charlton ~ Bass
Freddy Dennis ~ Bass
Richard McNamee ~ Bass
Charlie Morgan ~ Guitar
Dick Powell ~ Harp, Keyboards
Bill Tomisser ~ Keyboards, Synthesizer
Paul Wager ~ Drums
Rusty Williams ~ Guitar, Bass

Backbone at Seward Park - 1974

Bill Tommisser, Richard McNamee, Dick Powell, Paul Wager, Bill Charlton
Backbone at Parkers (The Aquarius) 1974

Links to Live Performance Sound Clips
Love performed live at The Camelot Tavern. The band included Dick Powell lead vox and harp, Paul Wager drums, Fred Dennis bass and vox, Rusty Williams gtr and vox, Richard McNamee gtr and vox in this line up about 1975

Further on Up The Road with Charlie Morgan on lead vox and gtr. Richard McNamee bass, Bill Tomisser on keys, Paul Wager drums and Dick Powell on harp.

Richard McNamee, November 2010

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Last Update:  29 November 2010
Credits: Chuck Morgan, Freddy Dennis, Rusty Williams, Bill Majkut, Richard McNamee
Band # 436