Barkward Door - Photo Courtesy of Billy Bair
Backward Door
AKA:  Blues Progression, Chataqua
Lewiston, Idaho
Pasco, Cheney and Spokane, Washington
1967 - 1970


Scott Ashcom ~ Drums
Billy Bair ~ Guitar, Vocals
Red Elder ~ Drums
Ron "Arjai" Jones ~ Bass, Vocals
Larry "Rodriguez" Rogers ~ Guitar, Vocals

 Jeanie Carter ~ Manager

The Backward Door started as a power trio person's named The Blues Progression.  Arjai Jones (bass), Red Elder (drums), and Billy Bair (guitar) formed the group in 1967.

Arjai and Red were members of the Pastels out of Pasco, Washington and Billy had recently left The Village Music Wagon.

In late 1967 or early 1968 The Progression played a gig in Boise, Idaho at a club named the Backward Door.  They had recently been informed of the group, the Blues Project, and had decided to change their name.  The Backward Door seemed cool enough.

After the Boise gig ended they move the band to Pasco and added Larry, “Rodriquez” Rogers, also and ex-Pastel.

From there The Backward Door migrated to Cheney, Washington and later to Spokane.

The late, great Jeanie Carter of Freade Sounds managed them.  Jeanie was an incredible lady.  BD was Jeanie’s second band in what would become one of the most successful agencies in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1969 Red left the band and Scott Ashcom was added.  By the time the Viet Nam war was in full fury and they became an anti-war protest band.  The band changed the name again to Chataqua.  Later that year or early the next Billy left the band and moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  Larry, Arjai, and Scott added horns and played for a while longer.

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Last Update: 9 November 2011
Credits:  Billy Bair
Band # 1694