Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Market on state at Baldy's - Photo D. Bergum
Market - On Stage at Baldy's  - 1971
Photo:  D Bergum
Milton, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Bill Pair IV
Little Bill & The Bluenotes
The Bones
Cherry Fizz
Clone Brothers
Cross Town Traffic
Double Image

Johnny Saturn & the Electrics
High Tide
Hot n Nasty
The Lipps
No Dogs Allowed
Orphin Anny
Rock n Roll Magic
Seales Brothers Band
The Shades
Suds West Issue
White Rock

Others ?

When I was in Rock and Roll Magic, we played Baldy's.  It was toward the end of the club.  I remember none of the electrical outlets worked on the stage and we had to find some long extension cords to run from the room down below where the pool tables were.

Jack Dolan, December 2010

I played in the group Soldier out of Seattle from 1973-76.  We played Baldy's in the summer of 74.  I remember as the drummer I had a large fan blowing air at me and someone set off a tear gas canister on the dance floor.  The cloud rose to the ceiling then into my fan, which blew right to the side of my head. We notice the crowd leaving, however, we finished the song before leaving the stage.  On other occasions, Mark Goehring used to come up near my fan and leave presents to offend my olfactory senses.

Tom Spahr, December 2010

During the two year period Christian was together we worked hard... five to six nights a week rotating between Baldy's, Lou's Place and Little Jim's Pub.  Any group that played Baldy's in the early 70's probably experienced the same phenomenom we cubes being thrown at them from behind the bar. That was Phil's way of telling us to turn it down.

Bill Dean, November 2012

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