Bandana - Courtesy of Leif Anderson
Tom Johnson, Leif Anderson, Bruce Moore, Jerome Ryan, and Steve Stecker (73-75)
Seattle, Washington
1971 - 1975


Leif Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steven Holbrook ~ Drums
Tom Johnson ~ Drums, Vocals
Bruce Moore ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Flute, Vocals
Janelle Pederson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jerome Ryan ~ Bass, Harp, Congas, Vocals
John Schneider ~ Guitar ~ Vocals
Steve Stecker ~ Guitar, Vocals

Bandana was revived years later and evolved into Skybridge

Bandana came about when Steven Holbrook, a drummer I had worked with in the Kansas Standard, also called Keyhole for about 3 months in 1971, called and asked if I was interested in working again with him and a bass player named Jerry Ryan.  I had not been playing for about a year, side tract by a business offer I could not refuse in LA, so I jumped at the chance to get out from the SoCal underworld and back on stage.

I had been trying to put something together with my friend Leif Anderson for about a year but we had no luck finding cats we wanted to play with.  We met with Holbrook and Ryan and Bandana was formed.  We found a gal singer in the Times, Janelle Pederson.  She was a seasoned performer.  She had played guitar and sang lead in other bands.  Iron Maiden amongst others.  She joined up, we rehearsed in Jerry's garage in Lynnwood for 5 months and then went looking for gigs.

We played a lot in Snohomish County and further North to the border line.  We did covers of all the hot guitar bands with Leif and I sharing lead guitar work and some vocals with Jenelle doing most of the vocal work.  Things went good for a year and then as always egos and bull#&%$ set in and Jenelle was gone.  We got Bruce Moore to play key boards and any other instrument he wanted.  He was good on winds, strings and keys.  After while we got Tom Drum Johnson to work with us.  We went on for a couple of years and then I was broke and bored and 27 years old and had enough of bars and booze and dope and one night stands.  I quit and began building a shack n the woods out in Cherry Valley, a notorious retirement settlement for old drug dealers.  Nice and quiet back in 1974.

The guys tried to keep the band but they were as burnt out as I was so Bandana just faded away from the scene and my memory.  Until I saw that my old friend John Schneider had posted us on your site.  Brings back a lot of memories, mostly good.

I still get a chance once a year to jam with the some of  the old guys out at Jerry's Jam in August in Lynnwood.  They have started up a new group called Sky Bridge.  I was amazed at how good they sounded, knowing how much time it takes to rehearse and money spent it takes to keep the equipment working, at our age time is the big one.  Sky Bridge has definitely put in the time and energy and it can be heard when they blast into a Wishbone Ash or Alman Brother's tune full of hot guitar licks and butt bouncing rhythm. Rock on boys.

Well, I am sure you will hear more out of Leif in the near future.  He can add a lot that I have forgotten.

Steven S. Stecker, November 2010

I designed the Bandana logo in the above photo and silk-screened it onto t-shirts, speakers, promo materials and anything else we could find.

Leif Anderson, November 2010

Thanks for this site .  Its a great resource.

Bruce Moore, December 2010

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Last Update:  11 December 2010
Credits:  John Schneider, Steven Stecker, Leif Anderson, Bruce Moore
Band # 2729