The Band-Aid Society - Pullman, WA 1968 - Photo Courtesy of Wayne Erickson
Band-Aid Society at Washington Stage University in May 1968
The Band-Aid Society
AKA: The Take Five (65-67)
Pullman, Washington
1967 - 1968


Wayne Erickson ~ Bass Guitar
Bruce Howard ~ Lead Guitar
Wally McAloney ~ Organ
Ron Peterson - Drums
Bruce Wicklund ~ Vocals, Saxophone, Flute

This band was called Take Five for its first two years and changed its name to Band-Aid Society in the fall of 1967.  The Band-Aid Society was from Pullman, Washington and made up of college students attending Washington State University from 1967-1968.  They played for numerous dances in Pullman, Moscow, Lewiston, Spokane, and Couer d'alene.

The above  photo was taken while we played for an art class at WSU. The lighted sculpture in the background was set up to change with the music.

Wayne Erickson, January 2004

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Last Update: 10 April 2009
Credits: Wayne Erickson, Bruce Howard
Band # 1429