Marc Connelly, Dave Baroh, Phil Klitgaard, & Johnny Soltero
Photo courtesy of Phil Klitgaard.
The Banned
AKA:  Tyhmes
Mercer Island, Washington
1965 ~ 1966


Dave Baroh ~ Guitar
Greg Bigsby ~ Guitar
Marc Connelly ~ Bass
Phil Klitgaard ~ Drums
John Soltero ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Dave Baroh

Our first real musical incarnation was called ‘BANNED’.  John was too smart to count on us rank amateurs for gigs, and had been previously committed to another group anyway, so he moved to another band that seemed to offer more of a future because they were willing to wear matching suits.  Dave wanted no part of that.  So Greg Bigsby played lead guitar in ‘Banned’.   Greg now lives in Haines, Alaska, where he owns a fishing boat and still plays with an old time group called the Fish Pickers.  They gig in Germany during the off-season of fishing.  Like Dave, Greg is one of a kind - a very creative human being.  ‘Banned’ evolved into The Thymes, a timely herbal  reference.

Marc Connelly, April 2008

Marc Connelly

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Last Update:  22 January 2011
Credits: Greg Bigsby, Marc Connelly
Band # 1401