December 1965
The Barons
Bremerton, Washington
1962 - 1965


Billy Grey ~ Organ
Jim McConnell ~ Guitar
Jim Moore ~ Vocals
Mike Napper ~ Drums, Trumpet
Ron Randall ~ Guitar
Steve Rench ~ Bass

Others ???

My first band was called the Barons consisting of myself on bass, Jim McConnell on guitar, Mike Napper on drums, and Ron Randall on guitar. This was so long ago that we were still playing Ventures, Booker T & the MG's, some surf music, etc.

Steve Rench, August 2008

"The Barons" with Steve, Mike and Jim, was the only band I was ever in.  A movie could be made about the Barons. I don't have any pictures of the band,  but I will try to send this picture of me with my first guitar, a Gibson Les Paul single dot. It was later replaced with a Fender Mustang. Those were the days!

The lead singer was Jim Moore.  We had an organ player for a while named Billy Grey.  Mike could play the trumpet and drums at the same time which I thought was cool.  I only knew three chords and only got two of them right half the time.

Ron Randall, May 2010

January 1966

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Credits:  Steve Rench, Ron Randall
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