Baron's Blues Band at St Michael's Alley - 1966
Baron's Blues Band
Seattle, Washington
1966 - 1968


 Phil Blodgett ~ Bass Guitar
Randy Espeseth ~ Drums, Vocals
Bruce Lofgren ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Fridgen ~ Hammond B3, Vocals
? ~ Saxophone

I played keyboard for a kid band called Terry Lee and the Fathoms in '62-'65, then with the Baron's Blues Band at St. Michael's Alley from '66-'68 in Seattle.  For a time, we were the house band.

The band was Randy Espeseth (drums), Bruce Lofgren (guitar), and I on the B-3.  Bruce is still in the music industry and lives in California.. Randy became an accountant and is now in the Real Estate business in S.C.   I went on to retire as a Navy Captain, attorney, and real estate broker.

Mike Fridgen, August 2011

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Last Update:  13 June 2012
Credits: Mike Fridgen, Phil Blodgett
Band # 2962