Barry Ensign Combo -Image courtesy of Barry Ensign
Barry Ensign Combo
Victoria, British Columbia
1963 - 1964


Burt Buepr'e ~ Bass, Vocals
Wes Chambers ~ Saxophone
Barry Jackson/Ensign ~ Guitar, Vocals
Darrel Gardner ~ Drums
Art Horsman ~ Drums
Brian Newcombe ~ Bass

Barry Ensign Combo -Image courtesy of Barry Ensign Barry Ensign Combo -Image courtesy of Barry Ensign
Barry Ensign Combo - Image courtesy of Barry Ensign


With Comments by Barry Ensign

BARRY ENSIGN started playing guitar in the mid 50’s.  By the late 50’s he was playing in bands (mainly Rhythm and Blues).  The rhythms and blues was where his unique Country Rock flavour originated.  The 60’s saw Barry playing from the West Coast and as far East as Toronto, Ontario.

Family life took over in the 60’s, but his love for music caused him to re-appear as a free lance guitarist in 1978.  It was during this period that Barry had a chance to apply his Country Rock style.  From 1980 to 1984, Barry provided lead vocals and guitar for his popular Sundown Band, which started as a Duo and progressed to a well respected Country Rock Band.

Barry was also responsible for managing the Band's career.  Success of his management ability was shown many times with the Band's steady bookings, excellent showmanship, promotional material and keeping with the current trends in Country Rock music.  One of the many rewards for a job well done was being nominated for Duo of the year in the 1984 B.C. Country Music Awards.

Barry is a versatile entertainer with his abilities consisting of Country, Rock and a pleasurable hint of the Blues.  He never fails to make Friends and Fans wherever he travels.  Barry can be greatly credited for the success of the Band because of his vocals and unique guitar styling.

In 1985, Barry left the Sundown Band to further his own career.  On his own, Barry worked as a single, Duo and preferably with the Barry Ensign Band.  Barry maintained the same standard of professional entertainment and felt his Band was exciting and the response from the public had been very favourable.  Barry began making plans of beginning a recording career in the very near future as well as continuing to produce dynamite sounds with his new Band.  Watch for the “BARRY ENSIGN BAND”


As well as his career as a musician/vocalist, Barry has owned and managed a recording studio for six years between 1980 and 1986.  He had his own record label (T.I.L.T.) on which he produced three singles and one E.P. (KARI  SHANN, “A Song for You”, BOB RICHARDS, “Ain’t Got No Heart Cause You Broke It”, TYRONE MEYERS, “Honesty” and FIRST CUT Various artist's E.P.)  Barry also engineered several singles for other labels.  The studio was very busy recording Radio Jingles and lots of Demo sessions.  Barry also owned an established Publishing Co. – House of Barry Publishing.

Further to my Musical History by Bob Richards.

     Paragraph one was when the APACHES started. I had been playing various Vet Clubs and Legions as a free lance guitarist. This is when I met Gordy Davies, Dwayne Cameron and Art Horseman. Gordy and I were playing at the Starlight Club and Terry Budd sat in on Drums (THE MAGIC HAPPENED) and the APACHES were formed.

     After the APACHES dissolved, I did a bit of free lance guitar work and headed out to Toronto. I played the odd Blues Club but musically I starved to death.

     Returning to the coast I worked with Lenny Siemens at the 1206 Club on Wharf St. (LIGHTNING EXPRESS) in its infancy. Various drummers performed with us, Art Horseman and Don Parker to name a couple.  Lenny Siemens then got a Gig playing in Whitehorse. I formed the BARRY ENSIGN COMBO to keep the Gig at the 1206 Club. After a short time the band went down to a trio. Later I played with the SHIFTERS and then joined THE NOBLEMEN.

Additional 1986-1987 Footnotes.

    In June 1986 I recorded my single (TO MUCH WATER B/W STANDING THERE). It was released nationally and did O.K. I continued to work the Club and Bar circuit on Vancouver Isl., and the lower main land. I played my last Gig in Duncan on New Years Eve 1987. I then retired from the Music Business but the Music Business never retired from me.

     It might be noted that Dave Gogo’s first demo tapes were recorded in my studio- ENSIGN RECORDING STUDIO.

    On Sept 17, 2006 I was inducted into Victoria’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Apaches.  I got up and Played Three songs It had been years since I had played.  I am now fooling around on Guitar again, thinking of one last CD for my Grand children.

Barry Ensign, July 2007

Years ago I went to Vancouver to check out the Music scene and visited the New Delhi Cabaret. Tab Shori was playing there at the time and I asked him to join me at my table during his break. We talked Guitars and songs. Tab went and brought his guitar to the table and showed me the guitar parts for Bill Doggett’s “ Honky Tonk” part one  I still remember to this day.  He was a inspiration to me.

I met Tommy Chong in a similar fashion when he was playing guitar with The Calgary Shades. I later went to Vancouver and looked him up we had a visit and talked guitars.  We again met up in Victoria, Tommy was playing at the annual fair we ended up at the same party that evening,  I had my guitar there and  was able to jam with him.  He was also a great inspiration to me.

Barry Ensign, July 2007

Barry Ensign Combo at a New Year Event

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