The Beachcombers in 1965 - Photo Courtesy of Stan Foreman
The Beachcombers
The Legendary Beachcombers
Aberdeen~Hoquiam, Washington
1961 ~ 1967 & 1989 ~ 2016


Dave Anderson ~ Bass
Bob Balderson ~ Drums
Barry Belandi ~ Drums
Terry Biggs ~ Guitar
Stan Foreman ~ Keyboards*
Bob Leland ~ Bass*
Paul Love ~ Guitar*
Sheila Owens ~ Vocals
Dave Reed ~ Saxophone, Vocals*
JoCelle Russell ~ Vocals
Steve Shurr ~ Guitar
Jim Wynans ~ Drums*

*  Considered by many as the "Classic" lineup of the Beachcombers


In Memory of

Bob Leland



The Legendary Beachcombers - Photo Courtesy of Bob Dye

I was looking at some of our old calendars and found that we were doing around 125 shows a year.....amazing, considering we were a "part time" band and everyone had jobs or was going to school.

Stan Foreman, January 2004

The Beachcombers - 1964    Photo Courtesy of Stan Foreman and the Beachcombers
The Beachcombers - 1964    Photo Courtesy of Stan Foreman and the Beachcombers

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Credits: Stan Foreman, Jim Wynans, Rich Cunningham, Bob Dye
Last Update:  2 December 2017

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