The BeanBarry Delights
White Center, Washington
1971 - 1975
2003 - Present


Bean Eller ~ Guitar, Vocals
*Barry Kennelly ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
John Micera ~ Drums, Vocals
Terry Falcone ~ Bass, Lead Vocals
*Gross Gregg ~ Lead Vocals
*Larry Neibauer ~ Lead Vocals
*Warren Pugh ~ Tenor, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals
Mike Barbee ~ Bass
Sooper Cooper ~ Lead Vocals
Ken Walters ~ Tenor Saxophone, Organ
Shannon Joseph ~ Lead Vocals
Robin Gurney ~ Vocals
Lynn Gurney ~ Vocals
Janet Foos ~ Hammond B3, Vocals
Stan Knoblich ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Hotton ~ Drums
**Pat Tennis ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel, Vocals
Barry Curtis ~ Guitar, Piano, Vocals
**Jeffrey Beals ~ Baritone Saxophone
**Sally Kennelly ~ Lead Vocals
**Andrew Larsen ~ Piano, Vocals
**Brian Bogh ~ Bass, Vocals


Gary Anaka ~ Sound Engineer
Mike Eller ~ Lights
Larry Pigott ~ Sound Engineer
**Jimmy Johnson ~ Sound Engineer
**Dennis Flynn ~ Sound Engineer
**Matt Flynn ~ Sound/Lighting Engineer
**Dan Kennelly ~ Monitor Mix, Guitar/Drum Tech.
**Josh Chapin ~ Lighting Engineer
**Bridgette Kennelly ~ Merchandise
**Emily Kennelly ~ Merchandise

*Original Members Performing With Current Band
** Members Performing With Current Band

In Memory of

Gary Anaka
Mike Barbee
Duane "Super" Cooper
D:  18 December 2008
Bob "Bean" Eller
Mike Eller
Larry Pigott

The band played around Seattle from about 1971 until 1974, hometown White Center, WA.They were a tribute to fifties rock bands with MAJOR show stuff, costumery, stage skits, female dancers, Clark Kunt, Superman, the obligatory greaser, glittered guitars (glitter everywhere) gold lame` jackets etc.

This was a group the audience could not take their eyes off of. Shows were a conglomeration eye-candy, musically enhanced skits, choreography (pornography?) and non-stop stage action punctuated by some of the finest vocalists in the area. Heavily influenced by show bands of the era such as Sha Na Na, Ze Whiz Kidz, etc., they were crazy, insane, very fun and even shocking to some but always gave the audience a night they would never forget.

Kevin Fawcett, February 2003

I played with "The Bean Barry Delights" for a very short time.  The band attempted a comeback in fall of 74 with less glitter, less singers, a new guitarist (Stan Knoblich), and a new drummer (Mark Hotton). We played several gigs and had short-lived fun but the band just wasn't the same and fizzed out.

Mark Hotton, February 2005

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Bean-Barry Delights - Photo Courtesy of Mark Hotton

Duane "Super" Cooper passed away December 18th from a long battle with heart disease.  He is the one in the Superman outfit  in the photo at the top of this page.   Duane went on to become a singing bartender and comedian here in Seattle and was well paid and often in demand for singing engagements.  He had a wit, humor and generosity equaled by few in this world and will be surely missed.

Kevin Fawcett, December 2008

Here are some pictures of The Bean Barry Delights 2006 (Return To White Center) performing at the White Center Jubilee Days, Sunday July 23rd, 2006.  The Bean Barry Delights 2006 are:

Original Band Members:  Barry Kennelly (Bass), John Micera (Drums) Warren Pugh (Tenor Sax) Gross Gregg (Lead Vocal), Larry Neibauer (Lead Vocal).

With the addition of:  Barry Curtis (Guitar) formerly with the Kingsmen, Pat Tennis (Guitar), Andrew Larsen (Keyboard), and Jeffery Beals (Baritone Sax).
Their first performance was the Concert for Colette (Gross Greg’s Wife).  This is their second and who knows what will happen from here.

Bill Crammatte, July 2006, March 2009

Larry Neibauer

Gross Gregg and Barry - "The Bird"  is the word

Gross Gregg - Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls-a-Fire"... or Goodness Grosses Balls Are On Fire!

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Last Update:  10 March 2009
Credits:  Kevin Fawcett, Stan Knoblich, Mark Hotton, Bill Crammatte
Band # 1147