Seattle, Washington
1967 - 1969


Toby Bowen ~ Guitar
Don Cohen ~ Vocals
Jim Paulson ~ Drums
G.R. Smith ~ Bass

It's been so long ago. BECAUSE'S home town was Seattle.  Jim Paulson was the leader. Toby Bowen  later played lead guitar for Big Horn. I was the lead singer and also in a band called Elfunko Rock for a short time.

BECAUSE was together for about 2+ years.  We played at the Roach Tavern in Ballard and at The Flame in Burien in the late 60"s. We also played concerts at the Green Lake arboretum and at the Buffalo Rock festival in 68 or 69. I would appreciate being able to locate poster for that festival. Our name was on it.  I still sing here in Olympia on occasion.

Don Cohen, April 2005

The bass player was G.R.  That is all we ever called him.  I'm sure he had a name but I never new what it was.  A southern fellow with an easy going personality, a mustache he preened on a five minute cycle, and he played a Cherry finish Gibson EB-3 he got from Kerns Music in South Seattle. I played a Gibson 330 through a Fender Twin Reverb with JBL spkrs.... Does anybody really want to know that? Those were crazy times... I'm glad I survived them.

Toby Bowen, September 2008

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Last Update:  23 May 2011
Credits:  Don Cohen, Toby Bowne
Band # 1702<>