Behyndman Band
Haney, British Columbia
1970 - 1971


George McDonald ~ Guitar, Vocals
Owen Morsh ~ Guitar
Ken Paialunga ~ Vocals
Gary Weighill ~ Drums
Ross White ~ Bass

There were a couple of bands in Haney at that time that were just starting out - lots of jamming going on. I remember one other drummer in particular:  Gord Mitchell - He was a natural and a very good rock drummer - left hand player.  I wonder where he is today.  I ran into him around 1976 or so in Enderby (north Okanagan area) and haven't kept in touch since then.

Gary Weighill, March 2005

Behyndman Band - Photo Courtesy of Gary Weighill
Owen Morsh, Ross White, Gary Weighill, George McDonald
Ken Paialunga

Behyndman Band in Stanley Park - 1973 - courtesy of Gary Weighill
Behyndman Band - Stanley Park - 1973

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Last Update: 26 March 2018
Credits:  Curt Ducken, Gary Weighill
Band # 1687