The Fabulous Bel-Airs of Seattle
Bothell, Washington
1999 - Present


Errice Cunningham ~ Guitar
Brian Gaudreau ~ Keyboards
Jim "Speedy" Gonzales ~ Drums
Jon Johnson ~ Bass
Kris Johnson ~ Guitar
Dan MacDonald ~ Bass
John Ogden ~ Keyboards
Jerry Northey ~ Drums
Lloyd Smith ~ Bass

In Memory of

Kris Johnson

Salmon Days - 1999

Kung-Fu Club, Feb 2001

Some of the early Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of The Bel-Airs include: Tri-Power & The Headers, The Legends, Alan, Tennis Shoe Review, Raisin' Cain, Flip Side, Leroy & The Galahads, Bedrock, The Wellingtons, The Magic Band, Fragile Lime, and Louie & the Rockets.

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Last Update:  14 April 2019
Credits:  Kris Johnson, Lloyd Smith, Jerry Northey
Photos:  Bart Klatt, Gary Oldroyd, Jerry Northey
Band # 609