Photo Courtesy of Kathy Childers
Big Fun
Olympia, Washington
1982 ~ 1983


Peter Barnes ~ Drums
Morgan Blackwood ~ Bass
Suzi Grant ~ Vocals
George Gleason ~ Guitar, Vocals
Garey Shelton ~ Bass
David Surkamp  ~ Guitar, Vocals
Damon Titus ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Mark Douty ~ Lights

In 1982, David Surkamp, of the Seattle group Hi-Fi, helped produce an  album by members of what had been the amazing proto-punk band "The Enemy".   Around that same time I was let go (albeit temporarily ) from Hi-Fi and was brought in to play bass for Big Fun by David, who had also been invited to cease his participation in Hi-Fi. This lasted for about a month of rehearsal and another month or two of gigs.

It was  fantastic band and Damon, George & Peter remain great friends (wish I saw more of Suzanne) but I was asked to rejoin Hi-Fi and reluctantly did so.

My place in Big Fun was taken by Morgan Blackwood (of "Blackwood/Laird") who is pictured above in the promo shot 4th from left, behind David.

The leather-accessorized gnome half out of frame is the great Peter Barnes (for many years now of the  production facility "Clatter & Din").

Garey Shelton, July 2009

Big Fun was a power pop outfit somewhat like The Heaters. They recorded an album in 1983  (never released) and broke up later that year.

Some of the earlier Pacific Northwest music groups represented in the members of Big Fun include: Hi-Fi, The Fruitland Famine Band, and Enemy

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Credits: Brad Beck, Kevin Fawcett, Kathy Childers, and Jerry "Zu" Matheson, Mark Douty, Garey Shelton
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