Big Stick - Photo Courtesy of Kevein Fawcett
Burien, Washington
1991 - 1994


Rick Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Buchingani ~ Drums
Kevin Fawcett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chris Leighton ~ Drums
Rod Stanley ~ Drums
Brad Tessen ~ Drums
Ted Treichler ~ Bass, Vocals

Big Stick was a group master-minded by Ted and Kevin who wrote about 50% of the material the band performed, the other 50% being classic covers of Led Zeppelin (yes, violin bow work and all), Pink Floyd, the Zombies, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Beatles, the Who etc.  The band was well known in the South Seattle area for it's weird stage antics (we often wore nothing but women's teddies and tennis shoes) and where it was not uncommon to find club dance floors full of people mouthing the lyrics to the band's original music. The booze cruises were famous and there is some video footage of the group available, though it is not complete shows or even complete tunes. The group self-produced one CD which is still available upon request from Kevin Fawcett by contacting him at:

Kevin Fawcett, 14 February 2003

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Anthem, The Bones, Maniax, The Drive, Madcap, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  9 November 2011
Credits:  Kevin Fawcett, Ted Treichler
Band # 1145