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Big Trouble
Puget Sound, Washington
2002 - Present


Gene Endicott ~ Guitar, Vocals
Duncan ? ~ Bass
Gordon ? ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim ? ~ Drums
Keith ? ~ Sound, Vocals
Shanna ? ~ Vocals

Shanna - Lead vocals
Singing since the age of two, Shanna's early memories of childhood involve music. Her love for music and singing grew as she grew; from singing in choir in the 4th grade, to jazz choir through high school. The thrill for singing intensified when she sang the National Anthem for the Seattle Mariners. From that moment on, she was hooked!  Listening to everything that came along, her biggest vocal influences have been Karen Carpenter, Ann Wilson, Pat Benetar, Wynonna Judd and Reba McEntire-all powerful women vocalists. A seasoned Karaoke singer, Shanna has won quite a few contests.  Tired of sharing the mic, she joined a band where she has to share the lead vocals very little.  She loves to be creative with songs, making them her own, although she recognizes some classics just cannot be changed!  What's playing in her CD player at this moment? Dierks Bentley, Michelle Poe, Rush (Spirit of the Radio), The Davanos and last but definitely not least, BIG TROUBLE!  When she's not rocking the mic or the tambourine (which can be a very difficult instrument to play, by the way!!), Shanna enjoys gardening, football, 4-wheeling, playing poker and following other Seattle Cover Bands.

Jim - Drums, vocals
Jim has a vast history of percussion playing, having begun when he was just 13.  As a teenager, he played in the marching band, having been selected to play for the Rose Bowl Parade.  He dabbled in Broadway Productions in High School, and participated in Jazz Stage Band, which led to playing in the All-City Orchestra at the University of North Dakota. Jim continue to play drums when he entered the Navy, entering the Drum and Bugle Corp.  His love of music expanded, and he played acoustic guitar on a program at KZOK FM on Sunday night in Seattle, and played Big Band music with an act called George Wilcox as well as with a group called Route 66, a 30 + ensemble.  His musical style shifted, when he began drumming for a country gospel group for the next 15 years, cutting several CD's, and has lead worship through his music at home and having traveled abroad to England and Bulgaria.  A Jethro Tull fan, Jim loves progressive Rock and Jazz.  He's having fun playing with Big Trouble, describing his band mates in jest as a bunch of "geezers" that he is very tight with. Jim continues to expand his musical interests,  venturing out and doing reggae with a Jawaiian band, a different and cultural concept of drumming

Duncan - Bass
Duncan has been playing bass since age 12, when he picked up his first stand-up bass.  With a broad musical interest that included: The Stones, Tower of Power, Bach, The Marshall Tucker Band, Led Zeppelin, Flea and the legendary Derek Smalls, Duncan drew inspiration from their diverse musical styles.  Duncan played venues including 70’s disco at the Moose Lodge in Gaffney, SC, The Bite of Seattle, and Larry’s Green Front.  Duncan has played in various Puget Sound area bands including: The Paul Porter Band, The Kennydale Project, Mojo Circus, and The Asylum. Duncan also toured Europe with his high school orchestra.  If you were to look in Duncan's CD changer, you would find his current favorites of:   Elvis Costello, Tower of Power, Metallica, Elton John, John Coltrane and Spinal Tap.  Duncan's current musical idols include The Chilli Peppers (they graduated from High School the same year as he did and Flea had a P-Bass exactly like Duncan's when he was a kid!!) and of course, The Rolling Stones.

Gordon - Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Born & raised in Southern California, Gordon grew up listening to The Doors, Moby Grape, Steve Miller, Jefferson Airplane, etc. The first concert he attended was “The Seeds”.  Of course, The Rolling Stones were always his group of choice with their “raunchier than the Beatles” rhythms and risque’ lyrics.  Gordon sang in various garage bands around the L.A. area trying to imitate Mick Jagger.  After school, he could be found in his room listening to the more obscure Los Angeles FM radio stations (anyone remember KPPC?) that played the “underground” groups from the late 60’s & early 70’s. Believe it or not, groups like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who were once considered to be “underground” bands!  Later, Gordon's musical interests changed as he discovered talents like Elvis Costello, XTC, Talking Heads, and of course Jules & The Polar Bears.  Now that he is older and a little more laid back, he loves to listen to jazz and play the blues with a little Rock and Roll mixed in…In Gordon’s Cd changer you could find:   Blodwyn Pig, John Mayall, Humble Pie and the occasional XTC.  Aside from playing music, Gordon enjoys listening to the "ol’ black vinyl" as well as spending time with friends and family.

Gene - Lead Guitar, vocals
With the guitar player for Evergreen Jubilee as his babysitter, Gene got an early taste of  the performing musician life.  He began piano at the tender age of 6, and received his first electric 2 x 4 plank guitar at 14.  A Slowhand wannabe all of his life, he played his share of garage bands until forming Black Ivory, Seattle's first blues band.  Black Ivory played many gigs at The Vault, but feeling he was getting nowhere caused Gene to pursue other interests. It wasn't until his own son began playing in a Seattle bar that Gene realized that he wanted to be "shredding the licks, lighting it up and burning it down" again! Gene feels fortunate to have found Big Trouble, a band he describes as an "assortment of miscreants who know how to play the Mad Notes." He is the original Mendocino Beano.

Keith - Sound Man, Vocals, Web Master
Yup, he does it all. Even a monkey can turn a few knob's and push a few buttons.  Those golden pipes come from years of classical  training. He has been known to bite, so watch those fingers when petting him. So, like the generations of organ grinders that came before him, after he sings don't clap just throw money.

From the Big Trouble Website, January 2006

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:  The Paul Porter Band, The Kennydale Project, Mojo Circus, The Asylum,  Black Ivory, and many other Northwest bands.

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