Steve,  Sonny,  Bill,  Don, Traci.
Bill Pair IV
Tacoma, Washington
1966 - 1970


Steve Johnson ~ Drums
Bob Knutson ~ Drums
Michael Kinder ~ Drums
Bill Pair ~ Guitar, Vocals
Danny Pair ~ Drums
Don Sanders ~ Bass, Vocals
Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards
Traci ~ Choreography, Vocals

In Memory of

Michael Kinder

In addition to playing an Oregon, Reno, and Eastern Washington circuit, The Bill Pair IV played many venues in the Puget Sound area such as Scotty's Mod Room, The Players in Tacoma, and The Interlude in Des Moines,Washington. It's also interesting to note that after several decades of country and western music being featured exclusively at both The Elk Plain Tavern and Baldy's Roadhouse in Tacoma, it was the Bill Pair IV, in the late 1960s, that introduced rock and roll to those two venues. Both those venues subsequently rocked for many years.

Sonny Schaaf, October 2001

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Last Update: 2 November 2017
Credits:  Sonny Schaaf, Don Sanders
Band # 585