Bittersweet Jam - Photo Courtesy of Larry Fritts
Russ Gage, Rick Gwinn, Jack Tackle, Larry Fritts
Bittersweet Jam
Beaverton, Oregon
1970 - 1971


Larry Fritts ~ Lead Guitar
Russ Gage ~ Drums
Rick Gwinn ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jack Tackle ~ Bass

Pat Johnson ~ Manager

I joined this band after moving to Oregon during high school.  The music was soft rock (Carpenters, Bread, James Taylor, Brewer and Shipley--I hated it) and at least one parent accompanied us on gigs.  They even tried to get me to wear a fringed vest.  Jack Tackle is now a world-renowned mountain climber.  We played at least twice week during this period, at bars (carefully supervised) school and college dances, store openings, fairs, and even a wresting arena in Portland.  We were managed by Pat Johnson, who was a dedicated and tireless promoter of our music, who used to "dress to the nines," in her words, to help get us more money.

Larry Fritts, April 2003

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Credits:  Larry Fritts
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