The Bitter Sweets - Photo Courtesy of Lawrence Miller
The Bitter Sweets in Las Vegas at the "Teenbeat Club"
Brian, Lawrence, Steve, Phil Smeltzer and Rob

The Bitter Sweets
Vancouver, British Columbia


Rob Deans ~ Organ
Brian Fisher ~ Lead Vocals
Steve Grosvenor ~ Lead Guitar
Lawrence A. Miller (aka: Larry Turnquist)  ~ Drums
Phil Smeltzer ~ Bass

Lawrence Miller (aka: Larry Turnquist) was the original drummer and played with the group for the first few years. I lived next door and heard them practice at Larry's house all the time, and watched them at a local church dance every week. He was a solid drummer with a steady groove.

Graham Walker, July 2004

My old family name was Turnquist and I used to go by Larry Turnquist. Lawrence A. Miller is the name on my birth certificate and never officially changed when my Mother remarried.  It is nice to see that somewhere there is still someone who remembers our old group!

I still have some music in my bones and in cycberspace.  Check out the tune at ZED...

Best Wishes Lawrence Miller,  aka tahitilink, September 2005

I remember seeing the Bitter Sweets at the battle of the bands at the PNE (Sponsored by Eric at Tartini's Music).  I didn't get what they were doing at time but later I realized they were 10, 20, 30 years ahead of their time.  What balls!  If they came out now the punk rock world and MTV would have to "deal with them".  They got some gigs that I thought we should have had so I went to see them at these times… very much like the early Stones.   They were doing Go Big or Go Home!

Bob Brown keyboards for the Centaurs, June 2007

The Bitterweets, Brian Fisher, Phil Smeltzer, Larry Tournquist, Robbie Deans, Dick Steele, and Doug Dolan, would love to find their old pal Steve Groesvenor and his red guitar!   Folks can contact Barry Walker at

Barry Walker, January 2008


Bittersweets - Photo Courtesy of Lawrence A. Miller
The BIttersweets - Photo taken at a local TV station after their return from Las Vegas

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Last Update: 14 December 2010
Credits: Lawrence Miller, Rob Deans, Graham Walker, Bob Brown

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