Kevin, Frank, Richard, Eric, Gary, Nick
Black Zephyr Orchestra
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1977


Sue Bardsley ~ Vocals
Eric Bjorkland ~ Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
Kevin Chalk ~ Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Gary Draper ~ Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Gerald Gipson ~ Saxophone, Flute
Ray Greaby ~ Trombone
Jeff Haas ~ Vocals
Nick Moore ~ Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Dave Roberts ~ Drums
Charles Rosario ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Frank Rosario ~ Bass, Vocals
Doug Streeter ~ Bass
Rich Sysinger ~ Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
John Tarr ~ Bass
Darryl Vernon ~ Guitar
Bobby Verzola ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Gary Draper
d:  26 October 2014

Gary Draper passed Sunday, October 26, 2014.  Gary was still a working musician up to the last few months of his life.  Gary and I started playing music in 1967.   In 1969 our band had a name, Black Zephyr, after listening to an album by Black Pearl.  We stayed together until February 1977.

Gary worked as a single and duo with his wife, Teresa Vannoy.

Gary's father, Ronnie Draper, was a professional musician as well as his famous uncle, Rusty Draper.   All have passed on.

Rich Sysinger, October 2014

We started in 1967 with no name, becoming Black Zephyr in 1968, adding Orchestra in 1974.  We also did a couple of gigs as "The Glory Hogs".   Kevin Chalk legally his name to Kevin Christopher in 1982.

Richard Sysinger, October 2003

Frank with BZO at Lake Hills - 1975

Gary with BZO at Lake Hills -1975

BZO at Frederick & Nelson - 1974
Photo Courtesy of Richard Sysinger

Richard Sysinger, Guitar, and Kevin Chalk, Keyboards, at Woodway High School 1976
Photo Courtesy of Richard Sysinger

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Last Update:  31 October 2014
Credits: Norm Peterson, Frank Rosario, Gary Draper, Richard Sysinger
Band # 707