Blind Date
AKA:  Face Facts
Vancouver, British Columbia
1982 ~ 1993


Paul Bastow ~ Drums
Jerry Brown ~ Drums
Gary Devost ~ Guitar
Colin Steeksma ~ Bass
Ian Steeksma ~ Guitar

In the early 80's Ian, Colin, Jerry and Gary again re-formed Twitch as a recording venture titled Blind Date, which got some interest from Randy Bachman and a promoter from Toronto.  When the deals fell through, Jerry left, and the band acquired a new drummer, Paul Bastow, with whom many more recordings were made, one of which ended up on the Homegrown 2 album sponsored by CFMI in 1987, and the boys played at the Town Pump to vie for the final prize.  Sporadic recording was done during the 90's, which however produced some very good ones under the name of Face Facts.

Colin Steeksma, November 2001

Blind Date at The Town Pump

Some of the earlier Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of Blind Date include: The Invaders, Cry for Justice, and Twitch

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Last Update: 2 January 2005
Credits: Colin Steeksma, Gary DeVost

Band # 635