Steve Blood, Tom Brain and Kevin Todd Circa 1969
Blood, Todd & Brain
(aka: Vendetta)
Auburn, Washington
1968 ~ 1970


 Steve Blood ~ Guitar
Tom Brain ~ Bass
John Morton ~ Guitar
Kevin Todd ~ Drums

Dick Laybourn ~ Manager

Blood, Todd and Brain was one of the variants of a band originally called the Gaylords from Federal Way HS (FWHS).  I was very good friends with Tom (Brain) and Kevin (Todd), we rode to school together everyday our senior year (68) and most of our junior one as well. Steve (Blood) was a year younger as I recall, maybe two, and replaced Mark Nelson on lead guitar after he left to go play with Les Carlson (Bearded Clam, cited elsewhere). In the Gaylords version there was also organ player from North Tacoma (Stadium HS) but I can't come up with his name but John something is coming to mind.  In the early days the Gaylords also had a rhythm guitar player named Tom Smiley (FWHS) who formed his own band.

Charlie (Chuck) Branstetter, July 2010

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Last Update: 17 July 2010
Credits: John Morton, Darry Riffero, Bill Cleland, Chuck Branstetter

Band # 199