Jeff, Monte, Roger
Blood Fever
Weippe - Pierce, Idaho
1968 - 1972


Roger Ball ~ Bass, Vocals
Monte Wells ~ Drums, Vocals
Jeff Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Ogelsby ~ Drums
Terry Lewis ~ Percussion, Vocals
Gene MaCullom ~ Bass

Blood Fever was a group of school kids from the Weippe / Pierce, Idaho area.  This was my first working band, as in actually getting paid to play.

We were all extremely underage when we started.  I think I was about 13.  The rest of the guys were at least a couple years older so most of our jobs were school dances, community centers, church halls, etc.

We stayed pretty busy around the north central Idaho area who a while.  We did some Top-40 stuff, but leaned more toward Hendrix, Cream and Blue CHeer.

As the guys started graduating, they all started drifting out of music.

Hey, it was a kick in the pants while it lasted

J.W. Johnson, January 2006

Jeff, Monte, Roger

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Credits: Jeff Johnson
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