Bloodstream - Photo By Chandler Keeler
aka:  Leviathan
Vancouver, British Columbia
1972 - 1973


Ray Roper ~ Guitar, Vocals
Roger Stomperud ~ Bass
Marvin Wilson ~ Vocals

Others ???

In Memory of

Roger Stomperud
Chandler Keeler

I was briefly in the band Bloodstream about 1972-73.  The lead singer was Marvin Wilson. I believe that is him at the far left of the photo. Marvin later sang with my good buddy Gord Walkinshaw's group Popular Demand.

The group was also known as Leviathan, though it was generally called Bloodstream. I might be wrong, but I think some of the members (the Roper brothers) went on to form the band Stonebolt.

Roger, with Sharon Young & The Restless and The Burke Street Band, April 2008

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Last Update:  25 April 2011
Credits:  Roger Stomperud (R.I.P.), Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.)
Band #  2371