Blue Chip Stock
Anchorage, Alaska
1966 - 1968


Ed Barrington ~ Bass
Hill Barrington ~ Bass, Saxophone, Guitar
Doug Bartko ~ Drums
Sherman Crivello ~ Drums

Frank "Skip" Konte ~ Keyboards
Bill Neithercoat ~ Drums
Drew Reekie ~ Bass, Vocals
Gene Shedlock ~ Vocals
Johnny Stephan ~ Guitar

Skip Conte went on to play keyboard for Three Dog Night and doing some music production.  Johnny Stephan has been playing music in the Seattle area since the 1970's.

Hill Barrington, May 2007

My brother, Ed Barrington, played bass for a while when I was out at basic training.

Hill Barrington, July 2007

Blue Chip Stock was the first local band to play Anchorage's Johnnys Penquin Club in 1966.  We also played with the Grass Roots at Shindig City in 1966.  I played drums in the band from August 1966 to January 1967.

Before Skip Konte joined Three Dog Night he was a member of the Blues Image that put out the song Ride Captain Ride

Bill Neithercoat, December 2007, January 2008

I was the guitarist for the Blue Chip Stock from 1966-1968.  The Blue Chip Stock opened shows for Sam the Sham and the Pharos, The Grassroots, The Seeds, and backed Tommy McClain.  Frank "Skip" Conte, Jr started the band after leaving The Heartbeats.  Skip co-wrote "Ride Captain, Ride" in 1968-9 with Mike Pinera, original guitarist with the Blues Image.

John Stephan, January 2008

The Blue Chip Stock was formed in July, 1966 by Skip Konte. I was a charter member. An Anchorage group, we also played many other Alaskan areas. The group played in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and in Nags Head, No. Carolina in summer 1967.  Skip, Drew Reeke and I drove from Anchorage to Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Drummer Phillip "Flip" Myers and a bassist flew there from Anchorage. The Blues Image was staying at the same motel in Virginia Beach. A couple of us were bound to return to college in Anchorage, and Skip joined the Blues Image there in August 1967.

John Stephan  January 2008

30 September 1966

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Credits: Hill Barrington, Bill Neithercoat, John Stephan, Michael Caporale
Band #  2225