Bluefield Doughboys
Tacoma, Washington
1966 ~ 1968


Jeff Bernhoft ~ Bass, Vocals
Tony Buhr ~ Keyboards
Dudley Hill ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Knightlinger (Knight) ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dudley Hill

1948 - 2005

The Bluefield Doughboys was another really good band that broke up when Dudley and Tony joined the Navy.  Jeff Bernhoft and Steve Knightlinger joined version II of Scot Free.  Steve Knightlinger is now working for KIRO TV in Seattle as Steve Knight.  He does remote broadcast special reports on KIRO radio.  Dudley Hill was most recently now the other part of Pearl Django with Neil Andersson.

Tim Hill, November 2001

I've been in broadcast news since 1973, radio and TV.   I just left the CBS Radio Network in NY and I'm joining the AP Radio Network in Washington, DC as an anchor/correspondent. I managed not to get my ass shot off during two trips to Kuwait and Iraq.

Looking back, there were no times as sweet, friends so strong, and music so good as back then.

Steve Knight (Knightlinger), February 2005

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Last Update:  22 November 2017
Credits: Tim Hill, Dan Buhr, Leonard Bernhoft, Steve Knight
Band # 642