Photo by and Courtesy of Vickie Rappin
Photo by and Courtesy of Vickie Rappin
Blueport News
Tacoma, Washington
1975 ~ 1982


Stormin' Norman Bennett ~ Drums
Jho Blenis ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Phil "The Chickenman" Boguszewski ~ Tenor Saxophone
Kurt Brame ~ Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Bramer ~ Lead Guitar
Mark Doubleday ~ Trumpet
Buck England ~ Keyboards
Bill Graham (aka: Little Billy Blue) ~ Washboard, Jug, Vocals
Lawrence Gamage, Lead Guitar
Evan Groom ~ Lead Guitar
Kevin Herpentine ~ Drums
Denny Hall ~ Lead Guitar
Mario Harris ~ Congas
Dudley Hill ~ Lead Guitar
Bob Hill ~ Guitar, Vocals
Eugene "Mutha" Hubbard ~ Fender Rhodes
Joe Johansen ~ Lead Guitar
Jack Johnston ~ Guitar
Pete Lira ~ Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Jay Mabin ~ Harp, Vocals
Tom Morgan ~ Drums
Jim "Greasy" Pribbennow ~ Alto Saxophone
Mark Reeder ~ Lead Guitar
Jamie Reno ~ Drums
Eddie Roberts ~ Drums
Dale Spalding ~ Harp, Vocals
Robert X. Wolf ~ Drums, Vocals

In Memory of

Joe Johansen
D:  4 June 1997
Mark Doubleday
D: 1 May 2004
Bill 'Little Billy Blue' Graham
Dudley Hill
1948 - 2005
Kurt Brame
Evan Groom
Jho Blenis
d: -  31 May 2014
Phil "The Chickenman" Boguszewski

d: July 2013

I played drums for Blueport News about a year and a half. What a great time and experience with some great musicians, especially gigs at Engine House #9 and The Brick Tavern.

Jamie Reno, June 2003

I played harp in Blueport news in 1979 - 1980, and have lost touch with everybody. Does anybody know where Bob Hill or Bill Graham are?  I'm trying to get in touch. Thanks,

Dale Spalding,, November 2003

The original Blueport News (1975) consisted of Billy Blue, Kurt Brame, Bob Hill, Lawrence Gamage, Mark Reeder (replaced Gamage), Denny Hall (replaced Reeder), Eddie Roberts, Tom Morgan (replaced Roberts) and Jay Mabin.

The next version of the band "The Brick Era" ('78 - '81) consisted of Billy Blue, Kurt Brame, Bob Hill, Jho Blenis, Evan Groom (replaced Blenis), Dudley Hill, Jimmy Bramer, Joe Johansen, Stormin' Norman Bennett, Kevin Herpentine (replaced Bennett), Jamie Reno, Phil "The Chickenman" Bogusuki, Jim "Greasy" Pribbennow, Dale Spalding, Eugene "Mutha" Hubbard and Mario Harris.  Most of these personnel participated in recording a 45 RPM "I Settle Down" and "Little Billy Blue"  Those recordings are currently available at Wiley's Golden Oldies in Tacoma.

The Blueport News "Mom's Place Era" was from 1981 to 1982.  The band consisted of BIlly Blue, Kurt Brame, Bob Hill, Joe Johansen, Tom Morgan, Mark Doubleday, Pete Lira Buck England, Jim Pribbennow and Jay Mabin.  Many other musicians, mostly guitarists like Lee Parker and Steve Blood and some drummers played gigs and set in with us but they are too many to try to list.

Bill Graham AKA Billy Blue

At the top of this page is an old photo I had of one of the versions of Blueport News.

I  know a few of the players. I believe it is Bob Hill sitting on the steps on the left.  Steve Jacobsen in overalls, Mario Harris in  leather cap, Jay Mabin standing in the middle,  Billy Blue with cap and beard to his right, I think it is Kurt Brame to Jays left.  I Don't remember the others names.

Vicki Rappin, August 2010

Evan Groom

Evan Groom died suddenly of a heart attack on Feb. 10, 2002. He was a dear son, beloved brother and treasured friend. He spent his life and work in the local music scene as a working musician and teacher. He is the son of Joan Groom and the late Harry Groom. He is survived by his mother Joan, brother Gene and sisters Betty, Valerie and Claudia. A memorial gathering to celebrate Evan’s life will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 from 1-3 PM at the Mountaineer Club House, 2302 N. 30th St., Tacoma, WA. Evan’s legacy lives in live music. Please remember him by supporting local musicians and their work.
Pub Date: 2/14/2002

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Patrick Wm. Dennis, October 2011

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