Blues Print in '68 - Standing L-R John Taber, Stan Beacraft, Doug Moore, Steve Pelligrin, Debbie Gordon, and Darrell Murray (seated)
Blues Print
Eugene, Oregon
1966 - 1969


Greg Aldridge ~ Keyboards
Stan Beacraft ~ Bass
Debbie Gordon ~ Vocals
Dennis Haase ~ Bass
Bruce Knutson ~ Drums
Doug Moore ~ Guitar
Darrell Murray ~ Vocals, Trombone
Allan Pearson ~ Lead Guitar
Steve Pelligrin ~ Keyboards
John Tabor ~ Drums


 Dorothy Chase (Eugene Entertainment Agency)
Randal Knutson

Blues Print was Born in 1967, Eugene, Oregon, and dissolved in 1969

Original members were:  Bruce Knutson, Allan Pearson, Doug Moore, Dennis Haase, and Darrell Murray.  We were all 16 or 17 years of age.

Members at the conclusion were:  John Tabor, Stan Beacraft, Doug Moore, Steve Pelligrin, Debbie Gordon and Darrell Murray.

Among the many venues played were:  OIT (Klamath Falls), Douglas County Fair, EMU Ballroom, High School dances, campus fraternity parties, Oregon School for the Deaf, Fashion show for clothing store opening in Eugene, etc.

Genre:  Blues (e.g. Paul Butterfield, John Mayall, etc.) and Rock (Hendrix, Doors, Cream, Byrds, etc.)

Darrell Murray, November 2014

I played keyboards with this band in 1968-69.  At that time we had two keyboard players, Steve Pellegrin and me.   I played a Vox Jaguar through a Leslie 122.  The other members at that time were John Tabor on drums, Stan Becraft on bass, Doug Moore on guitar, Steve Pellegrin on organ, Darrell Murray and Debbie Gordon on vocals.  Randall Knutson did in fact do our management at that time.  Stan informed me that Doug Moore passed away some time back, I believe in an accident (car?).  John Tabor is still around Eugene, and Stan sees him from time to time.  I don’t know the whereabouts of anyone else in the lineup.

After living and playing in CA for 20 some years, I returned to Oregon in 1995, playing mostly jazz (acoustic piano).  I was reintroduced to Stan Becraft about 2 years ago.  Stan Becraft and I play occasionally in a blues trio now, with Michael Anderson (see Coos Bay late 60’s) on guitar and vocals, Stan on drums and me on organ,  and we call the band Blues Print Reunion!  You might catch us at Traveler’s Cove in Florence from time to time.

Greg Aldridge, August 2015

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Last Update:  4 August 2015
Credits: Darrell Murray, Greg Aldridge

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