Image from The Victorian, June 1973
Blues Union
Victoria, British Columbia
Early - Mid 1970's


Bill Burdick ~ Bass
Glen Haley ~ Guitar
Andy Hall-Patch ~ Drums
Nick Hall-Patch ~ Bass
Ian Harris ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Hunt ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Lesher ~ Harp, Vocals
Ken Moran ~ Guitar
Tony McAuley ~ Drums
Ken Preston ~ Drums
Graham White ~ Drums

I  was in both line-ups of Blues Union.  Both versions of the band (the above photo shows line-up #2) worked very steady for BC Sound Productions, run by the late Dave Ringland, up and down Vancouver Island as well as the major venues of that time, in Victoria.

Blues Union made its mark playing both Chicago-styled blues and British Blues-Rock

The band is, currently, the 2009 inductees (Most Influential Blues Group) into the Royal City Music Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Bob Lesher, May 2009

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Last Update:  26 October 2009
Credits: Royal City Music Project, Glenn Parfitt, Bob Lesher

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