Bob Brown Company, with Bob Brown, Teresa Slagle, Gene Hardman, and Dave Lange - Courtesy of Bob Brown
Bob Brown Company
Seattle, Washington
1976 - 1981


Bob Brown ~ Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Vocals
Brian Ferguson ~ Drums
Gene Hardman ~ Drums
Lynn Hossom ~ Keyboards
Jorgen Kruse ~ Keyboards
Dave Lang ~ Keyboards
Tony LeDon ~ Drums
Bill Ramsey ~ Saxophone
Teresa Slagle (Vannoy-Draper) ~ Vocals
Ben Watson ~ Keyboards
Dan ? ~ Keyboards

The Bob Brown Company existed between 1976 and 1981 and played the Black Angus chain, Parkers Ballroom, Latitude 47 and a bunch of other places.

Bob Brown, April 2007

Bob Brown Company was started in 1976 when Bob Brown got off the road after playing with Bobby Vinton.

Original members were: Bob Brown on guitar, trumpet, and sax; vocalist Teresa Slagle (now Vannoy-Draper); Brian Ferguson on drums, and Ben Watson on keyboards.  Ben was replaced by Lynn Hossom, then Dan something; Dave Lange (who now owns a successful recording studio near Federal Way, then Jorgen Kruse, who last heard was gigging in Japan.  Brian the drummer was replaced by Gene Hardman, who was a great looking kid and a heart-throb, then Tony LeDon.  Noted Jazz Saxophonist Bill Ramsay would frequently join the band for larger dates.  The band broke up in 1981 when Bob Brown got in a car wreck coming home from Saratoga Trunk.

THe Band was reformed in 1982 as Savar, with Claude Autry on keyboards; Greg on bass; Emile on drums; Bob Brown, and Teresa Vannoy using the stage name Teresa Savar.

Bob Brown left the group after 6 months and started doing a single, working for King Vac Agency.  Vac booked most of the singles and duos at that time, most of them doing 50's and country music, and Vac's wife was Chinese, so she'd go out and shmooze all the the Chinese joints, so Bob ended up working Chinese cowboy joints like the Ding How, the New Luc Toy, the Kong Chow in North City, and a host of others. Bob got sick of that and moved to Palm Springs, CA in 1987, where he lives today.

Bob performed for the old school Palm Springs crowd at gigs like Bob Hope's 65th anniversary party, and New Years Eve for  Gene Autry at the old Gene Autry Hotel, now the Parker Meridian.  He owns a successful advertising agency, doing jingles for clients like Toyota, is active in real estate, and still performs with his wife, Donna, who is a talented singer and pianist. They have a nine year old daughter who is also a talented singer and who sings and writes jingles and who will be perfoming on the Buffalo New York Variety Club telethon in March 2008.

Bob can be reached at and welcomes conversation.

Bob Brown, May 2007

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