Bobby Lee & The Edsels
Seattle, Washington
1989 - 1993
1996 - 2000


Dave Chapman ~ Guitar, Vocals
George Clark ~  Drums, Vocals
Scott Drexler ~ Guitar, Vocals
Frank Feetham ~ Drums, Vocals
Robin Feetham ~ Bass, Vocals
Marty Gray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Hamilton ~ Drums
Clint Hooper ~ Drums
Tom Lund ~ Drums, Vocals
Tim Malloy ~ Drums
Bobby Lee McMurray ~ Grand Piano, Keys, Timbales, Vocals
John Neighbors ~ Drums
Mel Oliphant ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Ray "Raybo" Omstead ~ Drums, Vocals
David Payne ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary Perez ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gina Perez ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jamie Pullar ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Trembley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don Van Etten ~ Drums, Vocals
Darrell "Rabbit" Warren ~ Bass, Vocals

Bobby Lee McMurray came to the Great Pacific Northwest from Las Vegas and Los Angeles where he obtained a degree in music from the University of Southern California. Bobby was a well-respected piano bar musician and played the Nevada circuit.  In 1989 he moved north and purchased the old "Idle Hour" tavern on the outskirts of Burlington, Washington on old Highway 99.  He converted the old tavern into a class restaurant and dancing establishment and embarked on forming what would become  "Bobby Lee and the Edsels" as the house band.  Bobby's 50's and 60's theme plus his enormous repertoire of songs and his ability to attract quality musicians to his venue made "Bobby Lee's Bar & Grill" with "Bobby Lee and the Edsels" not only a great local Skagit Valley dancing venue but also made it a calendar nightspot attraction on the I-5 corridor for people from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C.

In 1993, Steve Trembley came on board the Edsels and with his blues contributions turned the Edsels into "Bobby Lee's Rhythm & Blues Band".  This variant of Bobby's music machine continued to attract people from all over the region until the Burlington club was sold in 1994 and the band moved north to the Slo-Pitch Club in Bellingham.

Bobby then moved the band to his new club in Everson, Washington, "Bobby Lee's Cozy Inn" and returned the old name "Bobby Lee and the Edsels" to the band


"Bobby Lee and the Edsels" continued to play to generous crowds until Bobby's retirement from band activity in 2000. Everyone had fun when an occasional local or national artist would drop by to jam with the band.

Bobby was known for his generous attitude towards musicians and jamming.  Acceptance into his fraternity of musicians was one of the "king of the hill" mentalities.  If you could hold your own with the band and show confident mastery of your instrument, no problem. But if you gummed up the gear works, Bobby could be heard yelling "NEXT!" usually with a big grin.  Bobby was best known for entertaining his fans with expertly performed piano concertos during band breaks. He continues to entertain at his piano bar in Everson on Saturday and Sunday nights for casual listening enjoyment.
Robin Feetham, November 2002

In Memory of

Marty Gray
Darrell "Rabbit" Warren

Darrel (Rabbit) Warren also was the founding member of the Briar Patch Band that consisted of Recording artist Charlie Gearhart of Goose Creek Symphony, recording artist Wayne Marshell from Nashville, Recording artist Fred Weisz from Goosecreek Symphony & Even Dozen Jug Band, Fred Cooper from Nashville and Mark Warren from the Pacific Northwest Future Pastures Band. They were a very well received band that had many area musicians from Seattle to Bellingham stop in and play with them from time to time. Each week was something different.

Rabbit (Darrel) also Played with recording artist Charlie Gearheart in the Charlie Gearheart Band. We all miss Rabbits energy, smiles and creative juices very much.

Mark Warren, July 2009

Darrel "Rabbit" Warren's credits are far and wide.  He worked with many Nashville greats such as Billy Joe Shaver, Hank Thompson, Merle Haggard, and many, many more.  He also worked with "Over The Edge", and was a founding member of the Anacortes based "Watertown Blues Band".

Darrel was a wellspring of talent, a great blues bassist, and a riot to work with.  We miss him very much.
Jamie Pullar, March 2003

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include:Calculated Risk, Hotel Texas, Good Ole Boys, Thunder Road, Jimmy Winkler and the Translove Airlines, Blue 55, Bum's Rush,  and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 4 April 2003
Credits:  Robin Feetham, Jamie Pullar
Band # 1089