The Bones - Image courtesy of Kevin Fawcett
Mark Levick, Barry Kennelly, Mike Painter, Kevin Fawcett, Scott Barbee
The Bones
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1982


Scott Barbee ~ Keyboards
Kevin Fawcett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Barry Kennelly ~ Bass, Vocals
Mark Levick ~ Vocals
Mike Painter ~ Drums


Bill Robbins ~ Sound

The Bones, Photo Courtesy of Kevin Fawcett
Barry, Mark, Kevin

The Bones was mostly a cover band (several original compositions were performed live, but no notice was ever taken of the recordings outside of local circles) riding the "new wave" trend covering selections by Elvis Costello, Ramones. Dirty Looks, Joe Jackson and many more groups of the era as well as blending much of this music with older 60's selections by such groups as the Byrds, the Beatles, Tommy James, Supremes, Bob Dylan, etc.

This was a show band, featuring much stage antics and costumery with smoke pouring out the guitar player's ears during one number, riding of motorcycles inside the clubs and one member of the band lighting his 'private parts' on fire during "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis.

We were most often seen in the company of The Heats, The Cowboys, The Blame, The Girls, folks from the Moberlys (later "The Pins) with most of whom we often did double bills. The band was seen mostly around the downtown Seattle area and regularly played the Bahamas Underground, the Gorilla Room, Astor Park, Panchos, The Boren Street,  Shire Tavern (West Seattle) but also ventured North to the Lynnwood Tavern and an under eighteen club in Everett, the name of which slips my mind, South to Baldy's in Milton, The Ad Lib Tavern in Kent, and East to The Somewhere Else Tavern and Gatsby's in Bellevue.

Kevin Fawcett, December 2002

Some of the other groups member of The Bones performed in were:  Big Stick, Maniax, Anthem, Blue Mountain Eagle, Crunch, The Bean Barry Delights, The Machine (formerly "Barney Armstrong's Machine") and the Shades.

Kevin Fawcett, February 2003

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Credits:  Kevin Fawcett, Bill Robbins
Band # 1114