Bonnie Buckingham
"Bonnie Guitar"
b.  25 March 1923

Bonnie is primarily known as a country music artist.  She had a profound influence on early pop and rock artists in the Pacific Northwest.

Bonnie in 1957
Grover Jackson and Bill Griffith
In August 2013 Bonnie was inducted into the Northwest Western Swing Society Hall of Fame.  In October Bonnie was inducted into the Western Swing Society/Sacramento.

In October 2013 she performed for a dance in Ephrata WA with her band Indigo Blues.

Al Troupe, February 2014

The above is an old photo of my grandfather, Ralph Bickford, promoting a song he wrote and recorded (Don't Keep Me Waitin.) with Bonnie Guiter.  I can't locate the record and would appreciate any information you might have.

Larry Whitley, February 2014

"Don't Keep Me Waitin'" is on Bonnie's "Only The Moon Man Knows" album.

Al Troupe, February 2014

Bonnie Guitar at one time owned part of Dolton Records.

Ron Petersen, The Frantics, July 2007

The latest report on Bonnie performing was on Sat Dec 15, 2007 in Soap Lake WA.  She's still going strong after fifty plus years in the business.

The Web Slave and Al Troupe, December 2007

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