The Boomers - 2004
The Fabulous Boomers
Seattle, Washington
1993 - ?


M.J. Bishop ~ Vocals, Cabasa
Doug Carr ~ Guitar
Pete Haskell ~ Keyboards
Larry Lommell ~ Vocals
Katie Rinaldi ~ Vocals
Jessica Sands ~ Vocals
Rob Straube ~ Drums
Mike Watkins ~ Guitar
Michael "Chip" Wehrweins ~ Drums, Vocals
Curtis Yunker ~ Bass

The Fabulous Boomers - 1993        Photo Courtesy of Doug Carr

1998  Top: Doug Carr Guitar, Rob Straube, Curtis Yunker
Bottom:  Pete Haskell, Jessica Sands (Daughter of Tommy Sands)
Photo Courtesy of Doug Carr

Seafair Pirates and the Fabulous Boomers.
In the crowd are Curtis Yunker, Rob Straube, Neil Rush, Pete Haskell and Doug Carr
Photo Courtesy of Doug Carr

Tommy Sands performs with the Fabulous Boomers' Doug Carr
Photo Courtesy of Doug Carr

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: The PaceSetters, The Revolution Kind, Superband, Axis Drive, Magician, Bad Manners,  and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  19 May 2019
Credits:  Doug Carr, M.J. Bishop
Band # 974