Born Free - Photo Courtesy of Ginny Howell
Born Free
Seattle, Washington
 1972 - 1973


Craig Adams ~ Guitar
Donny Anderson ~ Vocals
Lance Baumgartel ~ Bass
Bob Howell ~ Drums
Virginia Howell "Miss Ginny Lee" ~ Vocals, Percussion
Jeff Morgan ~ Keyboards
Darrel Warren ~ Guitar

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In Memory of

Darrel Warren

Darrel "Rabbit" Warren's credits are far and wide.  He worked with many Nashville greats such as Billy Joe Shaver, Hank Thompson, Merle Haggard, and many, many more.  He also worked with "Over The Edge", and was a founding member of the Anacortes based "Watertown Blues Band".

Darrel was a wellspring of talent, a great blues bassist, and a riot to work with.  We miss him very much.

Jamie Pullar, March 2003

Hi there!  The site is fantastic. I found it a couple of years ago and it's even better now!  My name is Ginny Howell (aka Miss Ginny Lee ) and I was a vocalist with a few bands in the 60s and 70s.  Thanks, this is history well-preserved!

Virginia Howell, January 2004

Darrel (Rabbit) Warren also was the founding member of the Briar Patch Band that consisted of Recording artist Charlie Gearhart of Goose Creek Symphony, recording artist Wayne Marshell from Nashville, Recording artist Fred Weisz from Goosecreek Symphony & Even Dozen Jug Band, Fred Cooper from Nashville and Mark Warren from the Pacific Northwest Future Pastures Band. They were a very well received band that had many area musicians from Seattle to Bellingham stop in and play with them from time to time. Each week was something different.

Rabbit (Darrel) also Played with recording artist Charlie Gearheart in the Charlie Gearheart Band. We all miss Rabbits energy, smiles and creative juices very much.

Mark Warren, July 2009

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Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Ginny Howell, Bob Howell, Diane LaFreniere, Jamie Pullar, Mark Warren, Jeff Morgan
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